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Sally (Hanlon)

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Grazie. Sally
Sally (Hanlon)


  1. Dear Sally,
    just wanted to say that the 'countdown to trains' blog was the best yet. The opportunity to see someone coping positively, courageously, and successfully with the challenges a parent faces when their child is autistic is inspiring.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mark, it's great to "see" you here, and thank you for your lovely comment. I know you're not one to bestow gratuitous praise, so I'm doubly grateful for this.
      Baci Sally xx

  2. Let me be one of the first to be supporting Umberto's mum in The Italian Citizenship Race!
    Go Sal!!

    1. Hahahaha - thanks Mark. PN rightly thinks the odds are stacked in my favour, but I'm not taking my triumph for granted - this IS unpredictable Italy after all! It's soooo good to know I've got a solid team behind me :D
      Love and baci to all your end, Sxx

  3. Hi Sal,
    wonderful post. You were very fortunate to have an expert consummate professional with you to provide all necessary Thomas The Tank information.
    On a train myself at present, travelling back from Stef's. No steam on this one however.
    M x

  4. Thank you Mark. Very true! There are but a few of us who can boast our very own in-house expert in a given field. I count myself fortunate indeed :)


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